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Two summer camp roommates’ friendship evolved into a partnership to serve the healthcare community in light of a global pandemic

Amruth Nandish


Hey! I am a rising Junior at the Kinkaid School in Houston Texas. I started Telementors because as a child of a frontline worker and someone who has grown up around healthcare professionals, I understand the challenges of being raised with a parent in the health industry. I know that during the covid-19 pandemic, many children of healthcare professionals are not able to engage in any educational or stimulating content as there parents are gone for most of the day and many daycares and schools are closed. Other than this program, I also love to volunteer and find ways to make an impact in my community. I hope you guys will sign up and spread the word! Thank You!

Email me: telementorsmain@gmail.com

Saathwik Saladi

Co-Founder/Head of Marketing

Hey! I am a current rising senior at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. I joined Telementors because I have seen firsthand the stress of healthcare professionals in times of medical crisis. Additionally, as a kid whose parents often worked hours upon hours, I sympathize with how these kids could possibly feel neglected with their parents working long hours aiding the world during the COVID-19 crisis. Personally, I believe we all can make small impacts to better the lives of others during this time. Some other things I love to do are writing my sports blog, shooting hoops, and singing. I am very excited for the future of Telementors and I urge anyone and everyone to join and help do their part.

Email me: saathwik116@gmail.com

Anvi Nandish

Director of Operations

My name is Anvi Nandish and I am a rising senior at The University of Texas at Austin. I initially joined the Telementors team because as a Pre-Dental student and a child of a frontline worker I have personally witnessed the impact and additional stressors that have been brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. To me, inaction during such a strenuous and unprecedented time was not an option. When I’m not working on Telementors/school related activities I enjoy reading, testing new recipes, and spending time with my family.

I encourage any of you that may be interested in aiding the community to sign up to be a mentor/tutor. Any/every contribution is beneficial and volunteering your time and expertise to Telementors could truly enhance the lives of many!

Want to work with us?

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