Meet Telementors

We are a newly founded initiative looking to mitigate the burden on healthcare providers and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic through engagement with their children in remote tutoring sessions.


Tutoring sessions for children of frontline workers

Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to the daily lives of individuals around the world. However, one of the most overlooked repercussions was the disarray brought about in the personal lives of many frontline workers. The goal of Telementors is to connect bright, motivated, and enthusiastic teens with children of healthcare and frontline workers ages 5-13 who are seeking tutoring, a mentor, or a buddy to share a new hobby with. Whether it be doctors, nurses, or any other frontline workers, our goal is to mitigate the overwhelming pressure placed on all of you and your family members.

How You Can Help

Sign up as a client

Our goal is to alleviate the burden on ANY workers who are looking for additional support for their children. We completely understand and we want to help. If you wish to join our remote tutoring program, please do not hesitate to sign up!

Become a mentor

You can get involved today by becoming a mentor and tutor. We are looking to create a platform for middle schoolers and high schoolers to make an impact during the pandemic. You matter! If you have a passion for service, kids, or teaching, please sign up! We will validate all volunteer hours for NHS.

Spread the word

Even if aren’t signing up to be a client or mentor, you can help us in an equally beneficial way by spreading the word about our program. Whether it is to family, friends, or frontline workers who are working long hours due to the pandemic, we urge you to suggest our program to them. Our goal is to spread our program to as many people as possible to lessen the burden during the pandemic.


What People Say

I have 3 children in the Telementor program and they love it! It has been a real help during this hectic Pandemic. They each have a great high school mentor to look up to, who they look forward to meeting every week.  They are also learning new concepts appropriate to their grade level every week. This has been a really great addition to our summer and I highly recommend this program!

– Dr. Deb

As a frontline worker who is working much longer hours as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Telementors has helped me relieve stress knowing that my kids are engaging in educational and engaging activities at home.

-Dr. Francis

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